Due the large number of enquiries and applicants, the kindergarten is now accepting the second round of admission applications. Parents who wish to apply for a place in 2023/24 school year for their child, please fill the form or contact the school by phone 23388344.

Application for Interim Admission, please Click Here for online amission application system, the school will inform about the interview arrangement separately.



Details about admission, please refer to  APPLICATION GUIDELINES OF THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2023/24″



1. If translation service is needed for non-Chinese speaking applicants, please contact the school by phone 23388344 or email in advance so that the school can arrange interpreters for the interview. Chinese-speaking family members or friends are welcome to accompany the applicants during the interview for translation.

2. The kindergarten has join the Kindergarten Education Scheme in the 2022/23 school year.