Uniform Group

Happy Bees


The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association (Background)

Since 1916, the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association (HKGGA) has been organising quality training and activities to nurture teenagers and females to be good citizens. HKGGA is one of the 140 member organisations of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. The Association encourages the members to actively participate in different types of international exchange activities. At present, there are 28 member organsiations which organise activities for children aged 4-8, with the guiding programme for girls in Hong Kong commonly known as Happy Bees.

Happy Bees

Bees are social insects that cooperate and work together in an organised way. As our role model, they act with respect and patience towards each other. Their behaviour is important in nurturing our manners and morals. Building a harmonious and orderly society is an important stage of socialisation.

Target group

The target group is K2-K3 boys and girls aged 4-6 studying in kindergarten or nursery. Through participating in group activities under the lead of a teacher, children will learn and try new things together, and thus develop teamwork skills and a sense of caring for others.