With reference to the Guide to the Pre-primary Curriculum, we adopt certified thematic learning materials that are matched with integrated activities for developing multiple intelligences to designed a child-centred curriculum that is based on young children’s life experiences and developmental needs. We nurture children to attain balanced development in the domains of spirit, ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics.

Curriculum Philosophy

Our “child-centred” curriculum is designed to cater to children’s life experiences and developmental characteristics, supported with a range of multi-intelligences integrated activities. It adopts a spiral approach to help with children’s cognitive development and broaden their horizons in learning. We also have been taking an active part in planning project activities and a variety of art activities for children.

Curriculum Implementation

Placing the value of “child-centredness” at the core, the curriculum focuses on promoting children’s holistic development, encourages self-directed leaning and creative learning. It incorporates creative learning content designed to cater to children’s abilities, interests and developmental needs, and aims to create a pleasurable and fun learning environment for children to take ownership of their learning.

Biliterate and Trilingual

Our school values children’s language development. In addition to learning language through a variety of activities, children also participate in language activities with Mandarin teachers and Native-speaking English teachers, learning in a rich trilingual environment.

Free Play

Children can participate in free play. They get to decide whether to play or not, who to play with, what to play and when to play. They are given the time to play on their own terms, which can have a positive impact on their cognitive, language, creative, social skill development and academic performance.

Lesson with Parents

We invite parents whose occupations are related to children’s learning to come to class to share their stories at work so as to enrich children’s learning experiences and broaden their horizons.

Visits and Project Learning

Taking learning beyond the classroom, we use community resources to enrich children’s learning experiences. The first-hand experience they gain during trips and visits will trigger their interest in learning and help them construct knowledge.

Support for non-Chinese speaking students

We respect different cultures. We organise a varity of traditional Chinese and other countries festival activities for children to learn different culures and customs. We develop thier interest in learing Chinese and also foster their language development thruogh playing and interacting with others. When interviewing non-Chinese Speaking children, interpretation and/or Chinese and English translation service for applicants could be arranged by our school where necessary, please feel free to contact us at 2338-8344 or email kllckg@kllck.edu.hk.